World-Class Service and a Smile to Match

That’s what you’re going to get when you rent a limousine with San Francisco Limo Company. They exceeded my expectations, especially when most companies are fairly impersonal and routine. The service was detailed clearly online and you know how much exactly everything will cost before you confirm. The best part about it, though: no hidden fees, their quoted prices is what you pay.

This is a rare treat, I think, nowadays where everything you pay for seems to have fine print or the ol’ bait-and-switch play that is almost accepted or expected.

I like to keep things simple and get exactly what I pay for, especially when it comes to anything in the service industry. San Francisco Limo Company gets an A-plus on that front.
Last-minute changes are also possible if you need to change locations of arrival or destination. I can now see why my friends recommended this company to me, as they truly go above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak.

The company was very friendly and provided the name and number for our chauffeur. He was a delight to be with, always courteous and answered any questions we had. Driver gave us a brief synopsis of the city and some places we might find of interest. The limo was very clean, smelled good, had a bottle of champagne on ice ready to be popped. I could feel the stress melt away the instant I stepped inside (which the driver also lent a hand to everyone who exited and entered the vehicle, very courteous).

At no point during our experience while in the care of San Francisco Limo Company did we ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable. These guys are true professionals who provide a world-class service at a great value. You don’t need to be a high-profile celebrity to get the royal treatment. Just book a ride with them and they will make you feel like royalty for the day. Everyone deserves a little pampering once in a while!

To sum everything I’ve described about my experiences with San Francisco Limo: I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find the same type of service for the same value to get you where you need to go in the Bay Area. Even if you have to pay a little bit more than their competitors, it’s worth knowing you don’t have to worry about your special day being ruined by miscommunication or incompetence that causes expensive or unpleasant delays that are often associated with transportation services. If you are in need of an exceptional limo service San Francisco Limo Company is the way to go!

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