Top Investment Opportunities Of The New Year

There are tons of businesses that can help you generate full-time income without much heavy lifting on your part. Of course, you will need to take care of the management and dealing with the hiring of new employees but overall there is a big opportunity to tashan on the ever-growing transportation industry. Is a well-known fact that public transportation can’t keep up with demand so it’s more crucial than ever that companies like Uber and other transportation moguls come onto the scene to supply that need.

Uber as taking in over $3 billion from investments in companies like Google alone which shows that there is a huge need for companies like this in the industry. There’s an opportunity to come a driver directly through the Uber platform which it gives you the chance to use your own car and make money on your own time. This is growing to be huge opportunity that people all across America and even internationally are taking advantage of due to the level of freedom that comes with it. You make your own hours, you drive where and when you want, and you get soon do basically whatever you want and take your breaks.

On the other hand, the taxis and other companies are starting to feel the hit from ever-growing transportation industries and companies like Uber. Taxis make billions of dollars every year and it’s no wonder that they’re starting to get pissed off about this expanding transportation service. Bay Area limousine companies are lowering their rates to and all time low based on the massive expansion. Party bus rentals which happens to be a huge industry in Silicon Valley is starting to see some of the lowest prices in the last 5 years.

The question is how are you going to turn one of the biggest transportation opportunities into an investment opportunity for yourself. The subject is that you can grab a complete fleet of your own at a fraction of the cost of 10 years ago, and a used limousine fleet that includes a town car, stretch limo, and party bus can be bought in a complete package of less than $70,000 used. After setting up your fees and having storage 40 vehicles you’re looking at about $100,000 investment, but that can be made out in a single quarter when your limousine company is set up properly.

By tapping into Uber your new investment and business can grow at the same rate Uber has grown by using the most popular transportation app in the world to drive direct traffic to your business. The leave that coming to your business will be completely targeted in your area and they are ready to pay for your services. Do using Google would invest such a hefty amount without first doing the research and understanding the massive potential behind this transportation monster? Of course, and that’s why right now is ultimate time for you to tap into the market.

Pretty you’re on transportation business can take a few minutes by tapping into the Uber app or you can go the extra mile and create your own limousine service like the one mentioned above.

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